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Digital Radiography (X-Rays)

X-rays are an important tool that provides Drs. McComb and Jewett the ability to examine the roots, jaw, and facial bones of the patient. X-rays aid Drs. McComb and Jewett in determining the degree of decay, periodontal disease, abscesses or any pathology, i.e. cysts or tumors, that cannot be seen through a visual examination alone. It is usually recommended that new patients have a full set of x-rays taken unless the patient’s previous dentist can provide our office with a current, diagnostic copy. Dr. McComb’s staff will take check-up x-rays as needed, depending on the patient’s dental history, number of previous restorations, and level of decay.

Digital x-rays significantly reduce patient exposure to radiation. We are proud to say that our office utilizes current digital radiography techniques that require the lowest amount of radiation. The digital sensor is much more comfortable in the mouth and no chemicals are used to produce the film, benefiting our environment. The images are displayed instantly and clearly on a large monitor and can be enhanced to highlight specific conditions or areas.

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