There are several reasons I enjoy my visits to Dr. McComb's office. First, the staff is very friendly, always making sure to engage me on a personal level. Secondly, the hygienists work very hard to ensure that I experience maximum comfort throughout my visit. Thirdly, I appreciate the look and feel of the office itself, as I can tell that Dr. McComb takes pride in his business. Lastly, but most importantly, I am incredibly thankful for Dr. McComb's willingness to educate me on my teeth each time I visit his office. He helps me understand the current status of my teeth, while helping me to understand what I can do to improve my teeth, and why certain things will help. Overall, I recommend Dr. McComb to all my friends, family, and anyone else looking for a great dentist in Chico.

– Caroline

We have been impressed with the conscientiousness of Dr. McComb and his office staff. They treat their patients skillfully and compassionately, pay close attention to detail, and use the latest dental techniques and equipment. Our mouths are in good hands!

– Charyn and Larry

Dr. McComb is the best dentist I have been to -- his staff is top quality too. Everyone is friendly and professional, which is why I am very confident in recommending him to anyone. I met these wonderful people when I walked into their office with my jaw swollen like I had a half an orange on one side of my mouth. Even though I had never been there before, they immediately took care of me and I have been their patient ever since.

– Michael

Dr. McComb is an amazing dentist! I had a dreadful fall, knocking my two front teeth mostly out – he cleared his docket, saw me immediately and did an incredible job of restoring my teeth and my smile! His staff is so competent and helpful that it is a pleasure to go to the dentist.

– Gail

I am very happy to have Dr. Steven McComb as my dental doctor. He is very caring and professional. I had a great time with him and his staff during my appointment. He took the time to outline why each treatment was necessary and which ones could be put off longer than others. Instead of lecturing me, he gladly gave me advice and answered all of my questions. I have worked with Dr. Steven McComb and several of the dental assistants, hygienists and office staff in order to get back on track. I recommend Dr. McComb because of his friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and professionalism. You won’t hate going to the dentist when you go there.

– Ding

I have found the office of Dr. Steven McComb to be a caring, friendly environment. The staff is exceptional, and the care from Dr. McComb excellent. I can recommend without reservation the services of Dr. McComb.

– Joan

Most people are needlessly nervous about going to see a dentist. If you are one of those, I have a solution for you. See Steven McComb, which I have been doing for the past year – “STRESS FREE”. He, his technicians and staff are professional and friendly. I can highly recommend Steven McComb.

– Ted

This is a letter to commend Dr. McComb. Besides being an excellent dentist, he works WITH you, not ON you. How nice. Also, the staff is very accommodating.

– Jon

I would like to convey to you how very much I appreciate Dr. McComb and all the staff at Chico Dental Care. I have had some out of the ordinary problems and everyone there has taken care of me with diligence and patience and “got the job done.” I feel very fortunate to have found a practice in which I feel confidence and comfort.

– Tommie